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Keywords: adventure, co-creation, inspiration, ambition.

I have a 25 years professional background in advertising and communication where I could live my passion for writing and creative thinking. At one point I felt the need to find out where I was going. What was my life about? How can I find different answers to the same questions? Why do people say I am successful and talented but I don’t experience it?

I did the Avatar Course in 2002 and it was a mind blowing, encouraging experience with profound results. I finally landed in my life, got access to better personal connections, better professional results and more peace of mind. As a bonus I found my life partner.

Ambitious as I am, I wanted to learn a lot more about managing consciousness. I decided to do the advanced courses and was trained and licensed to deliver the course. Now I am working in several countries within a worldwide team of Avatar Masters delivering the Course.

I consider the ability of living deliberately as my highest priority. My wish as a child to experience freedom and adventure is becoming true. And most of all, I discovered this is the best I can give to the world.

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